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Watch Shopping Guide: Buying Right Size for your Wrist

Watch Shopping Guide: Buying Right Size for your Wrist

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1. Watch Sizing

Whether you are looking for a quartz watch or mechanical watch in Malaysia, sizing is very
important. Don’t forget to pay attention to case diameter sizing. Adult watch sizes usually range
from 40mm to 56mm. At some point, you will be tempted to buy a bigger watch face in order to
show it off, but a case that is too large can look a little bit comical. On the other hand, settling for
smaller timepieces, or those under 36mm, may look more feminine.

Aside from the case diameter, you also need to take into account its width and thickness. As for
the thickness, there are tons of watches out there ranging from 6mm to 15mm. The thicker the
casing is, the heavier the timepiece will be.

2. Watch Bands

Should you go for thin or thick bands? The right watch band for your wrist has less to do with
the wrist size. It is actually more about the case diameter. Regardless of whether you like a very
thick or thin band, you would want a width that is half the size of the case diameter.

If your wrist is big, you need to get a thicker band. Soon, you can replace this band, and go for
something as little as 6mm to as a big as 30mm. At the end of the day, make sure that the band
feels comfortable on your wrist.

3. Metal or Leather

It’s important to consider the material of the timepiece band you are getting. Do you want a
leather or metal watch band? The difference between the two is more than the feels and looks. It
can alter the perceived watch size. If you want a slimmer look, go with leather bands.

Meanwhile, metal bands appear bulkier and heavier. It will also make the timepiece look
industrial and sleek. Many people go for metal bands since in case of weight gain, they can
easily adjust it.