4 Ways Brands Can Use Affiliate Marketing to Improve Their ROI

Affiliate marketing used to be a concept that was laughed at by a lot of companies
before just because the concept was still relatively new. We didn’t rely too much on
technology and people who do have access to said technology are the minority at that
point in time.

However, with the proliferation of mobile devices and our insistence on consuming more
digital content, affiliate marketing has grown so much that different companies want to
leverage this type of marketing to improve their efforts.

True enough, companies are now looking to Youtube affiliate marketing where they will
partner up with huge names in a certain niche to get things started.

But, how exactly can brands use this type of strategy to their advantage? Read on to
find out.

Through the Agency

There are companies that have a reputation to protect and that is why going to the
agency is the first logical step for them. This is where the company would hire agency marketers
to do their bidding.

This is actually a huge advantage for the company since these marketers are well-
equipped with the tools that are needed for the job and they also know exactly what to
do that will best provide the ROI that companies really want.

Of course, agency marketers are not cheap, but if you have an already well-established
company, what’s a couple of dollars to spend on a tried-and-tested platform, right?

Choosing the Right Platform

Whether you are employing a SaaS platform or an affiliate network, you will need to be
using the appropriate technology to keep things organized.

Ideally, you want to use something like Awin for such tasks. This agency provides you
with the right tools for the job that will help address certain industry drawbacks, such as
data light tracking, third-party tracking, advance commissioning, and attribution, among
many others.

What’s more is that such platforms can also be used to extensively increase your
knowledge about different industries and would, therefore, allow you to employ different
marketing strategies to further boost your return on investment as well.

Mobile Integration

It is without a doubt that we are using smartphones for basically everything these days
and companies would be foolish not to take advantage of the platform.

Ideally, you want to partner up with other companies and platforms that will allow you to
leverage mobile devices to your advantage.

For instance, if you are in the grocery industry, you could partner with a platform like
Ibotta that will help provide some enticing cashback guarantees to your consumers.
People really love such a feature and if you can provide that to them, expect much
better results overall.

Partner Up with Technology-Savvy Publishers

Although you can have great success by just employing coupons and deals, it is also
imperative at this point that you also turn to technology to improve your ROI as well.

What I mean is that you should also turn to publishers or affiliates that have a solid
footing in the technology space so that you can easily improve your sales.

Look into companies like RevLifter, for example, as it helps you personalize your deals
depending on your individual advertisers.

Technology is always being improved each year and it will be your loss if you are not
taking this to your advantage.