5 Basic Things You Would Expect From A Hotel Room In Serdang

Serdang is a small and serene place that tourists like to go to. Most hotels are creative with their architecture. Some hotels are being built underwater, on top of a tree, or even underground. But no matter how innovative the hotel is, their hotel rooms should always cover the basics.

These five basic things should be present in your hotel room, no matter where you are in the world. If you can’t find them in your room, then you should seriously rethink your choice.


No matter what the size of the hotel is, even if it’s a 2-star or a 5-star hotel, cleanliness in the room should never be compromised. An untidy and unmaintained room is a disaster waiting to happen, it could cause accidents or trigger allergies for your guests.

Additionally, a room that’s not clean isn’t good for entertaining guests. Even if your guest is a Serdang girl escort, you should still make sure that you’re presenting her to a clean room where she will safe.

Security Features

Your safety and security should be one of the top priorities of any hotel. Your hotel rooms should also have security features that will continuously make you feel safe even when you’re not in your room. Some rooms even offer a vault wherein guests could configure to store personal belongings.

Your door should also have a peephole so you can see who is knocking at your door. Inspect your door locks if they’re working properly along with your key or card keys. Your windows shouldn’t be facing another room. If they are, make sure there are curtains that you can use to keep prying eyes away. These are the things that people often overlook without realizing that their security is compromised.

Functioning Internet

We all see it in review sites. Guests who are very disappointed despite having the best room they could ask for just because of the poor internet service. Some hotels even get a very low rating from guests just because of this reason alone. This is because we are living in the age of information. We want to be telling people where we are and what kind of fun we are having.

Some guests travel all around the world while still maintaining a remote work. Poor internet service in a hotel is just unacceptable.

Good Bathroom

Hotel rooms have bathrooms, but they’re not often good or as impressive as you’d want them to be. Even 5-star hotels can have the worst bathroom.

It’s good to have hot water, but it isn’t good if the flow of water is very poor. Having a bathtub is also pleasant, but it should be clean and free from molds. You should check for leaks in your bathrooms, a leaking faucet or type of plumbing can be annoying when you’re on a vacation.

Pleasant Bed

Needless to say, a hotel should offer a bed that’s not only good for sleeping but pleasant enough for you to rest your head. The bed should be made when you first come into the room. It should be clean and made of quality material. Hotels that don’t invest n their beds are probably not investing in their services.