Affordable Watches That You Can Buy as Investments

Are you thinking of getting an investment timepiece? Even if you are not operating on a big budget, you can still get a high-quality watch that can increase in value over time. Below are some watch brands that you can check out.

1. Swatch

We can’t write about affordable watches without talking about Swatch. It was developed during the influx of the new age of digital watches, as a way of saving the dying reputation of Swiss watchmaking. The main goal is to come up with cheap Swiss quartz models for the average consumer.

Believe it or not, Swatch is a great investment. It has done plenty of collaborations with artists, creators and brands over the years. It’s worth keeping an eye this this watch brand. There is no doubt that Swatch is a huge part of horology. They are continuously innovating and improving their craft to offer better timepieces to people.

2. Omega

There are many women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia that you can choose from. But, there are certain brands that we are always dreaming of having. One of those amazing brands is Omega. Do you know that you can have an Omega watch for a “reduced” price? The “Omega Speedmaster Reduced” is a less expensive take on the classic Speedmaster.

If you love the Speedy’s aesthetics but is operating on a small budget, this is perfect for you. What’s even more amazing here is that this watch has been discontinued, meaning there is limited supply. This fact transforms this watch into a worthy luxury investment.

3. Timex

Have you ever thought of buying a Timex Marlin? Timex watches also deserve the world’s attention, most especially their vintage timepieces. You can get some of the limited-edition ones, and enjoy it as you see the price increase. Not only are these great investments, they are also exciting to collect for such a small amount.

4. Seiko

It’s really impossible to elaborate about modern watches without covering Seiko. When it comes to affordable watch investments, you can have tons of choices under the Seiko brand. The hi-beat models are great options. It’s value can even increase over time.