Applying SEO in Your Company

As enterprises are increasingly getting into the online world, companies are finding new methods to promote their business. One of the fastest and effective ways to get more people to know and click that company’s website, SEO is applied as one of marketing strategies. SEO services are becoming more accessible recently and for newly established companies, here are all the things that you need to know about the clever marketing strategy. 

Definition of SEO

SEO is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. For a better understanding of this method, it is essentially a technique to enhance the platform in hopes to maximize exposure for keywords that are deemed to be relevant and important. When more web pages have been exposed in the search results, the higher the likelihood that you are to draw attention to your brand which then will attract prospective and potential clients.


How It Operates

To understand how SEO works, there are three main steps that you need to understand and remember which are crawling, indexing and ranking. 


Crawling is the process of digging up the site for content, testing the code or metadata for every URL you find. 

In this stage, you are in the mode of exploration whereby search engines will deploy this team of robots which are called crawlers (also known as spiders) with the objective to find fresh and modified content. The information or results that come up may vary as it can be a website, a picture, a PDF file, a video etc. These contents are found through countless links, regardless of the type of medium or form of the results will show up. 

To illustrate, let’s take Google as an example. Google has their own spiders which are called Googlespider. These spiders will start by collecting and selecting a number of websites, then following the links to find the new UR: that are embedded on those websites. By going down this route of exploration, these spiders will locate new content and accumulate it to their index named Caffeine. Caffeine is a vast archive of discovered URLs in which the crawler will later retrieve while a researcher is looking for information that is suitable for the materials on that URL. 


The next stage of SEO is indexing. Indexing is a method of storing and managing the materials that have been discovered during the crawling stage.

Indexing occurs when the search engines start processing and storing the information that they find in an index, an enormous database that consists of all the content that they have discovered, and what they assume to be relevant to serve the searches. 


The last step of SEO is ranking. The purpose of the ranking stage is to provide the most fitting materials that will answer the searcher’s question best, meaning that the results are ranked by the most fitting to the least fitting. 

In this stage, the search engines will review their database for the most appropriate information when someone conducts a search and then order the information with the objective of answering the search demand. This classification is important and relevance of the search results is called ranking. Generally speaking, the more the websites are being recommended to answer the query, the higher the likeliness that the search engine believes that the site is relevant. 

In short, SEO is a method that helps the possibility for your website to be visited by more people. By applying this as one of marketing strategies, you will get to experience a lot of benefits compared to the traditional way of advertising your website. Find companies that provide this service for you, you will not regret its outcomes!