Best Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia

When creating your website, one of the first things you need to do is look for a good web hosting service. There are many companies that provide you with this service, and it can be tricky to find the right one. 

Finding the right web hosting company is very important, because it has a huge impact on the performance of your site.

In this article, we will go through what you need from a web host and review some of the best web hosting companies in Malaysia. From here, you can choose the hosting service you think is suitable for your website.

What you need from a web host?

  1. Uptime: Uptime refers to the amount of time your site is up without going offline. Make sure to choose a web hosting service with higher uptime.
  2. Load time: Choose a web hosting company that responds quickly and has lesser load time. People don’t like waiting for a long time for a page to load, and may get impatient and click away. According to Google, web host servers should not take longer than 200ms to load.
  3. Security: You don’t want to get hacked. Look for a web host provider that has strong security features to keep it safe.
  4. Price: A web hosting provider shouldn’t be too expensive, and the prices can vary based on the kind of features offered. However, don’t settle for the cheapest and compromise on quality.
  5. Backup: In case you get hacked or encounter any problems, you don’t want to lose all your content. Make sure to choose a web host platform that provides you with automatic backups. This way, your content will be saved from time to time.
  6. Storage: Storage is the amount of data allowed on your website. Again, this can vary based on the kind of website you are creating. If you are creating a small website, you don’t have to pay for more than what you need.

Now that we have gone through what you need to look for in a web hosting company, we will compare the different web hosting companies in Malaysia.


SiteGround is a global web host provider. It powers more than 500,000 websites all around the world. It ranks near the top of all web host providers for uptime (99.9%). It is also very fast, with a speed of around 56ms. The price is pretty reasonable, only around RM213 per year. It also provides users with automatic backups every day!

A2 Hosting:

If you are targeting an audience in South East Asia, A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosts you can get. It has a speed of 75ms in Asia, and comes with a lot of features. However, even if you are looking for a global host provider, this still is a suitable option for you. A2 hosting has an average worldwide speed of around 173.2ms, which also is pretty fast. It is affordable, with a price of RM190.92 per year. It also provides you with unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth.


This is also a very fast web host provider, with an average speed of 88.7ms in Asia. Their speed worldwide is pretty fast too, and your customers will be satisfied with it regardless of where they are situated. They also have an average uptime of 99.9%, which is pretty good. They are priced pretty reasonably, around RM168.60 per year. However, one downside is that they do not offer free daily backups.


This is a great option for you if you are targeting an audience in Asia. It is very fast, with a speed of around 74ms locally. However, it is not as fast globally. It has 50GB of disk space, and an average uptime of 99.5%. This is lesser than the ideal average uptime of 99.8%, but still respectable.

Inmotion Hosting:

This web hosting provider is very fast globally. However, in Asia it has a speed of around 147ms which isn’t as fast as some of the other web hosting providers. It comes with unlimited storage, and backs up your data daily. It also guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and has very good customer service!


To choose the ideal web hosting company in Malaysia, you need to take a look at all the services they provide. Remember, the hosting platform you select is based on the type of website you are creating, and the features that you require.