Event Planning Checklist: 8 Things to Ask Your Event Designer

1. “Is it possible to work on this budget?”

Most event planners in Malaysia are trained to deal with the smallest and biggest of budgets. This is, in fact, the most crucial question ever for clients like you. What is your event vision?

Why are you organizing this event? Make sure to communicate these details to your event designer, so she can creatively work within your budget limitation.

2. “What are things I can take home after the event?”

If you want to take home some of the design props, that can cost you a lot of incidental charges.

3. “Have you worked on the same event venue before?

Ask the event designer how familiar she is with the venue. This will let you know how well their design staff knows that specific venue’s load-out routines and load-in requirements.

4. “What is your communication style?”

Make sure that you and your event designer have a good working relationship. It would be helpful to know up-front if the person you are working with is a face-to-facer, phone caller or texter.

5. “What type of event insurance do you have?”

Check if your wedding designer is insured. It would really help to know what type of event insurance she has. Your event designer must be able to cover the liabilities for damage or injury to property.

6. “Will the design team stay all throughout the event?”

Don’t assume that your event management company’s design team will be there with you all throughout. They may stay, most especially to oversee lighting and technical product.

If not, they consider any event a drop off, and leave instantly the job is done. Never assume hat the design team would be there all throughout the event. rmk Don’t assume that the design staff will be on hand throughout the entirety of your event. “Often, if we are overseeing the lighting and the technical production, we need to stay throughout the entire event,” Gordon says. “If we aren’t overseeing these items, it’s considered more of a drop-off, and we leave the event until break down.”