How Can You Follow the 2020 Trends in Web Design

Make it Simple

For years, you’ve been hearing it—”keep your design simple.” but nowadays, it’s important for web design agencies.

Because of large motion graphics users no longer have the time (or patience) to muddle through a complicated website with unclear navigation or slow loading pages.

The future of web design is simple and we mean in every way when we say simple.

Check out the homepage of Starbucks— just a few colors, not a lot of frills— just a lovely, aesthetically pleasing white chocolate mocha latte and delicious panini. For both of these items it makes me want to pop directly off the bat into my local store, so this simplistic web design is doing its job.

Add Illustrations

A photo of your team at a happy hour is, of course, a great way to give your website a personal touch, but if we look forward to web design trends for 2020, that lighthearted photo might not cut it. Alternatively, a lot of companies have began to display illustrations on their web pages.

This not only gives you a modern look but also makes the website pages exclusive. Your site will be remembered by users because they do not have the same staged photo of your employees grinning ear to ear.

You can use your brand colors when using an illustration, and make it as detailed as possible to give the exact feeling you desire.

The luxury tent company, Pitch, is one great example.

Check out the way custom drawings are used to create the very environment they want for their website.

They also use the colors of their brand to make it personal, and the entire homepage has an outdoor feel— perfect for a tents selling website.

Imagine how boring this home page would be if images of their tent manufacturers were featured on the production line.

Such clear, elegant drawings bring a modern feel that is customised. Planning to see many more examples when it comes to web design patterns for 2020!

Include Animated GIFs

The days of merely incorporating a stock photo into your content are gone— if you do so, readers will get bored long before they can even read your pages through.

The integration of GIFs into your content is a vital web design theme for 2020.

Not only do they support engaging users and keeping them longer on your websites, they also add a unique design feature which contributes to a better user experience.

Below is an example of GIFs within the text of a website.