The Best Casino in Malaysia: Casino De Genting

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Genting Casino is one amongst Genting Highlands’ most successful evening activity venues, where you’ll try your luck at a giant payout win. This casino was established back in 1971 by Resorts World Genting’s founding father, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, Genting Casino was the first land-based casino in Malaysia, and has been drawing thousands of tourists from around the whole world.

The only place you can legally gamble in Malaysia is a casino situated in a spectacular entertainment complex- Genting Highlights Resort- built on top of a scenic hill near the capital of the country- Kuala Lumpur.


What You Can Do At Casino De Genting

Casino De Genting possesses 400 styles of electronic table games, 3,000 machines for slots and 30 tables varying from Blackjack and Tai Sai to stunt and French Boule. The casino also referred to as Genting Casino, is split into multiple themed sections, including exclusive international and VIP rooms for well-known gamblers, moreover as 24-hour services for dining.


Remember that the casino forbids entry for Muslim or under-21-year-old tourists. Open 24 hours daily, all guests are expected to decorate accordingly while entering this casino, which suggests generic or batik-printed attire and covered shoes for men, while ladies only require to wear smart casual clothing and shoes. Genting Casino also forbids backpacks, mobile devices, and cameras. If you would like to know more on an online casino website, you can click here.


Where You Can Stay At


Anyone who wants to go to Malaysian Casino de Genting has several options to decide on from for his or her accommodation. Here we have luxurious hotels, distinguished by the best quality level, which will meet the requirements of the foremost demanding guests.


Genting resort has hotels like Maxims Genting, Crockfords Hotel, Genting Grand, Resort Hotel, Awana Hotel and First World Hotel in its offerings. You can also consider luxurious The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort in the area.


Where It Is Located 


Malaysia’s Casino de Genting is situated on the peninsula in the Genting Highlights Resort of Pahang, on a hill about 1800 meters above sea level. Since it’s well above water level, travelling through several switchbacks is necessary to induce to the casino.


The hill is overgrown with tropical rainforest in its surrounding. The country’s capital, capital of Malaysia, is about 50 km from it, though Genting Highlights Resort is about 100 kilometres from the airport.


The Advantages


Casino de Genting has a large area of casinos which is great for visitors who are planning to stay and play the games there for more than a couple days. This casino also has a variety of games which makes a player’s experience much more fun as they get to choose hundreds of different games to play. Genting Casino also offers rich entertainment and cultural experiences. It has a great reputation for having a friendly atmosphere. In addition, all the restaurants around offer great food with a lot of varieties to choose from as well. 


The Disadvantages


Unfortunately, everything has its flaws. At Casino de Genting, no one is allowed to take pictures because picture taking is banned from the casino. Other than that, the casino is situated on a hill and it’s a little too far from the airport.

If you’re not up to spend a lot on travel expenses and accommodation just to enjoy playing games at a casino, visit genting casino malaysia.

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