Top 5 Reasons Why Free Website Hosting is a Mistake

Website hosting is important in this day and age, especially since most people are compelled to have their own digital presence. Although social media exists, it is still best that people either create their own blog or website.

Bloggers, for example, should create their own platform so that they can create amazing content directly on their blogs. Business owners should also think about building their own websites so that they can cater to their customers’ requests.

Although one can easily get preoccupied when it comes to building their own websites, they usually overlook one important aspect: website hosting.

As a cost-cutting measure, people believe that they can get away with using free web hosting services unscathed, but that is not the case. If anything, it can be detrimental on your online success as you are basically opening your doors to ads and malware.

In today’s article, I will go over some of the top reasons why free website hosting is a huge mistake.

It’s Not Actually for FREE

I am pretty sure that you’ve gotten some free stuff in your life, but have you ever stopped to wonder if they are actually free? For instance, my brother gave me a box of my favorite pizza and he initially said that it was absolutely for free. He later confessed that he needed a huge favor from me and although I felt scammed, I guess I had it coming.

So, in the context of web hosting, do you actually believe that free website hosting services are actually given to you free of charge? Nope, and that is a huge NO.

If you know anything about website hosting, you know that companies would be running servers all of the time for any website to exist online. Running and acquiring parts for the server requires a substantial amount of money and in order for them to recoup that, they would have to post ads on your website.

Now, you would think that this is a good compromise, but that is not true. For instance, if you own a business website and you sell online security services to your clients, your reputation will be at risk when your customers see an ad for penis enlargement pills, for example.

So you see, free web hosting services are actually NOT for free at all!

Reliability is Shaky

One of the major risks that you have to be aware of when you get free web hosting services is that their reliability is shaky at best. The servers they are running might not be as robust as those from top hosting providers and they could as easily just get away with it without any prior notice.

Transferring Your Website is a Pain

A lot of people do not read the terms of service of any type of service they get. That is why they are usually duped by free hosting providers simply because of this known fact.
If you somehow learned about the dangers of free web hosting and you opt to transfer to a legitimate one, you are probably out of luck. That is because in their ToS, you might have agreed that your website is already part of their property and you cannot simply just move away without their consent.

You Have No Control

Let’s say that your website has been running on a free web hosting service for quite some time and you have amassed a loyal following. Typically, your website would require more bandwidth to accommodate for the massive influx of people that is going to your blog or website.

However, with a free web hosting provider, you have no server control. Their services are not scalable which means that what you’ve signed up for is basically what you’re going to get from then on out.

Your Page Ranking Will Suffer

Anyone that is on free web hosting services will have their SEO performance suffer as a result. There are just way too many problems that these platforms give and if you value your website too much, it would be best that you get a more reliable hosting service.