Why have Unlimited Broadband?

unifi unlimited broadband

What does it mean to have unlimited broadband? Unlimited broadband, unlike internet contracts with specific quotas, allows clients to use their internet without any additional costs or restrictions. So, what are the advantages of unifi unlimited broadband?


The clearest advantage of opting for a broadband collection is this. You receive the greatest home internet plans and a high speed with a broadband connection. You may watch high-definition movies on numerous devices at the same time. Unlimited data also improves ping and enables you to surf the web without having to worry about data usage or performance.

Streaming in High Definition

You may watch 4K content on many devices without worrying about exceeding your data limits if you have an unlimited broadband connection. With full HD and Quad HD screens on smartphones and laptops, there is a great desire for a high-speed, limitless internet connection. Streaming high-quality entertainment also provides a more immersive experience and reduces eye strain.


Unlimited broadband collections provide the highest level of security. You can simultaneously download big files, post video material, and stream videos. While browsing the internet, there will be no buffering or jittering. You also get a dedicated line with unlimited broadband data, so your speed won’t be affected during busy hours.

Multiple Devices Can Be Connected

unifi unlimited broadband

When you choose an unlimited plan, you can connect many gadgets to the same network. The advantages of having a broadband collection include having fast speed on all linked devices. You can also leave the devices connected to the network at all times without fear of congestion.


While online gaming may not consume a lot of bandwidth, downloading fixes and add-ons does. With limitless internet, you can keep your games current and ready to play at all times. It also allows gamers to easily talk and live stream. It won’t lead to a competitive advantage, but it will make winning a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Access while travelling 

unifi unlimited broadband

Another advantage of having access to the internet is this. It would be fantastic to be able to connect to the internet from wherever. You will be able to communicate with your peers and relatives. You can also share the pictures and videos you’ve taken. If you’re going on a trip abroad, you can inform your supervisor, business associates, or coworkers about your itinerary. It’s a blessing to be able to connect to the internet from wherever.

Don’t need to remove modem when you leave

You won’t have to worry about turning off your modem while you’re not using the internet if you have a speedy unlimited broadband connection. If the wifi is enabled, however, the data may be used in the background. It may, for example, be reloading your Gmail inbox. It could also be that existing software is being updated without your notice. All of these make use of your internet connection. When the internet is on, you will also receive social media updates. If your connection is limitless, though, you won’t have to worry about this.