Workouts For Men Aged 50 And Above

The goal here is to boost muscle mass, improve fitness and reduce excess fat in 8-12 weeks and overall men enhancement.This strength-based routine for men over the age of 50 is your best gym workout opportunity yet to make some changes and throw away the rule book.

Don’t just age gracefully; age aesthetically

The program is designed around a full-body gym workout schedule of 3 days per week. Muscle splits don’t work here because they put too much focus on single muscle destruction. It’s a pretty old school way of training that really only maximizes muscle growth in those who can hit the gym multiple times a week.But there is a surge of evidence to say that full-body preparation is the way forward. Not only if you’re over 50, but for any athlete who wants to improve muscle strength in the gym.

Split your weekly volume over 3 sessions to make better progress

Here’s a scenario. Science currently points out that hitting 10-12 sets per muscle group per week is a good way to boost muscle mass and improve conditioning. Let’s say you wanted to use a split training strategy and train your chest one day. You could do 4 different exercises for your pecs and do 3 sets for each.And then you’re not going to train the muscle until the week after. That’s 12 sets a week. Great volume for development of muscles. Now let’s assume that instead of doing a full-body gym workout, you agree. You’ve put the same four exercises in, but you’ve split up into three separate sessions. You might want to click your chest one day and ride another, for example.So long as you still hit your 10-12 sets, you’ll get the same development over the course of the week. And as a bonus, you’re not going to suffer the extreme pain you get from split training either. No more niggles, no more pains. Just good results